Rogla 2013

Rogla 2013

Rogla is one of the best tourist destinations in Slovenia. Rogla is situated at an altitude of 1517 meters. It is surrounded with clear streams, clean forests and green meadows and pastures. Tourist resort Rogla, which is named after the eponymous hill is only about 15 kilometers away from Zreče and about 20 kilometers from the Slovenske Konjice. The entire complex has more than 1,000 parking spaces for cars and 1,500 beds. We will sleep and make evening fun in Hotel Planja**** in the presence of a magnificent Wellnes center, Gym, Fitness, ... and Beautiful Rooms.

There is also a modern sports center, which includes sports stadium, which is due to its location at 1,500 meters above altitude, a true specialty. There they have tennis, basketball, football and volleyball courts. Rogla is also quite famous  for the adrenalin toboggan run, which is open to virtually the entire season.

In Rogla the air is very rich with oxygen, the air here has a very positive and healing effect on respiratory diseases and allergys. Rogla also has its own medical center, with a specialized pulmonary clinic.

Coaching Akademy

Beautiful Rogla is a popular destination preparation for many professional clubs and we may at this time meet any of them and watch their trainings. Beautiful conditions for the implementation of practical International Coaching Academy. Given the fact that we spend more than 90% of edjucation on the pitch, Rogla offer us exceptional opportunities such as:

Wonderful football field with natural grass / 1500 altitude


and excellent field with artificial grass


However, it is necessary to provide events when we replace the football field with the hall, because the football game in addition to practical performance on the pitch also needs the theoretical knowledge acquired in the hall. We're going to benefit the evening for socializing. And here are the terms and conditions on our Rogla really wonderful:


A few photos to help realize what we do in our International Coach Academy.


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