Zvonko Komes

Zvonko Komes

Zvonko Komes physical preparations coach

Zvonko Komes was born in Koprivnica in Croatia 20/09/1958 and is internationally known as one of the greatest experts in the field of physical preparation of teams and players. The current coach in the Croatian nationaly team and FC Dinamo started his career in Croatia where he first began to work in various clubs and Dinamo but his big name has got established abroad. After German Kaiserslautern and Swiss Lucerne he got a call from the greate Bayern Munich. By using SAQ (speed, agility, quikness) metod, mr. Komes was the most deserving for excellent results the biggest German football team.
"Jupp Haynckess with his knowlage and the skills is immediately upon Ottmar Hitzfeld. He is a great professional coach. He does not understand very well in the physical preparation, but for the tactic he is a true master. "

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Quick installations around cones, jumping, change of pace running, work on reaction improvement, plyometric and other are completely change monotone run and boring kilometers. Instinctive speed, endurance and explosiveness are the foundations on which is based this method of work with the aim of players at training as much as possible to simulate the feeling of game conditions.

After Bayern he continued his work in Bayer Leverkusen and the Swiss national team (where he ended by beating Germany 5:3) where he was called by Ottmar Hitzfeld, excellent coach with whom he already worked in the big Bayern.
"He was not sufficiently focused but also stressful situations in football can train. In Bayern I worked with players on this but this is obviously not a coincidence. Great players have the ability to mentally relax in 20 seconds. Robben this obviously does not have.. "

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In the summer of 2011, Zvonko Komes decided to return to Croatia to Dinamo Zagreb. At first, almost a year working only with the first team and then started to share his knowledge with youth soccer player and then in November 2012 he is come back to the first team.

Due to their professionalism and ambition of the Croatian national team Komes was called in the professional management of it which will be responsible for the preparation of physical conditioning of their best players.
"It would not be good that players their arrival at the National Team assembly is perceived as a release."

In the attachment you see his true comprehensive CV.






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