Marta Bon

Marta Bon

Marta Bon was born on 22 March 1962 in Novo Mesto, where she finished high school. After graduating, she moved to Ljubljana. In the year 1990 she is graduated at the Faculty of Sport and in the 2001 she complete her PhD. Since 1993 she has been employed at the Faculty of Sport, which is dedicated to teaching and professional research work. Her bibliography includes over 100 professional and scientific and popular works, including the co-author of three books.
"Above all, taking a respectful attitude within the team, I like to built a strong, modern and solid team."


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Since she was 9, she has been actively involved in sports, played handball and had a ten-year status superior athletes. When playing at Olimpia she was also two times semi-finalist of the European Cup Winners' Cup. After Olimpia she played for the Krim, and then as a coach until 1994 actively involved in the foundation RK Krim, which later became a five times finalist champions league.
"It is probably a fact that the involvement in sport often teach you to act fast, be organized. Tasks in a team must be split. It teaches you to function in a team. We learn that for each game followed new, it is not necessary that defeat means the end of the world. From defeat can learn a lot, but often it is best to avoid him. "

In September 1996 she was appointed to the function as a selector of the women National team of Slovenia (the first medal and the first World Cup). In 2003, she pursued a second term with the senior national team at the World Championships and won eighth place, which is the biggest success of the women's national team during team sports in Slovenia. She has led the women's B-team and youth team Slovenia.
"Poor work, to criticize, to annoy, knows any fool, if you want to be a great sport personality, then you need to help each other."

At the time when she trained "RK Krim Mercator" this team ranked among the top eight teams in the world. From November 2000 to January 2009 she was President of the "RZS Scientific Council" and until 2010 member of "RZS". She is the member for "Blovdek" commission for the recognition and member of sport committee for the top level . She was a member of the government council of experts, by 2005.
"I highly appreciate the exchange of experiences with people who are or have worked in various sports environments. Ideas which "fly" somehow by the way, but carry inside the extremely informative value if you know how to install inside the image you have of yourself. "

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Marta Bon was also called to a group of lecturers of the International Handball Federation (EHF). Actively participate in the scientific and professional meetings at home and abroad. She is also a member of the association of Slovenian Supervisors.

In the attachment you can see her really rich CV.





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