Branko Zupan

Branko Zupan

Zupan's special work method, the use of his own method ACE in the game and his perfected training approach can bring a professional player as an individual and a team as a whole into better shape in a remarkably short time.

Branko Zupan will at the Academy present us:

  • Active involvement the goalkeeper into the team tactics training  - a practical demonstration on the field
  • Goalkeeper Training process  from U12 - U18 (correct approaches and exercises) - a practical demonstration on the field


"Winners looking for the way, losers make excuses."
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Key Information:

  • Branko Zupan was a professional football player and a member of the Slovenian national football team in the 1993–1996 period.
  • In 1995 he was goalkeeper, playing for the Slovenian national football team in the EURO 1996 qualifying campaign against Italy in Udine (Arrigo Sacchi was then the manager of the Italian national team)
  • He was a football manager – Head Coach of young Slovenian national teams (U-15 to U-21) in the 2002–2007 period. He led national teams at 150 qualifying games (eight different qualifying campaigns for EURO), tournaments and friendly matches.
  • His U-19 team played in the second round of the qualifying campaign against the British national team and won, finishing second in their qualification group and coming very close to qualification for EURO.
  • His U-21 team finished second in its qualification group (which included Italy) and was classified for an additional qualifying game – playing against the Netherlands.
  • His coaching experience began in 1989 when he was in charge of the young football players of FC Koper and also when for one year he led the Slovenian football team in the inter-republic league (during the time of Yugoslavia) as both a coach and player.
  • In 1991 he graduated (in Football) from the Faculty of Sport of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • He started his professional coaching career in 1996 and between 1997 and 2000 he was the head of different first division football clubs (FC Gorica and FC Koper).


"Winners looking for the way, losers make excuses."
Click and apply immediately and benefit from a "top five" campaing!!!

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In the attachment you see really comprehensive CV Branko Zupan.






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