Residential soccer trial

Residential soccer trial

Bi Village Soccer Activity!
Concept 4 Soccer International have partnered with BiVillage Holiday Resort in Croatia to offer coaching to boys and girls throughout 2014. Our partnership provides players (including goalkeepers) a unique opportunity to develop and showcase their soccer skills in front of some of the most highly regarded professional coaches and scouts from across Europe, with selected players from each session being invited FREE to attend our elite residential soccer trial at the BiVillage resort in Croatia in October 2014, where if you make a good impression you could potential be selected for a trial at a professional club.

Activities for parents!
While the kids are busy getting coaching, you can simply relax by the pool with a book and drink in hand, or why not get involved with some of the offer wide range of sports and activities at BiVillage holiday resort offers.

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    Benefits & Dates

    You will be watched and coached by some of the best scouts and coaches in Europe and if they think that you are good enough and if you make a good impression on this BeVillage Residential Camp, they will use their contacts to get you a trial at a professional club.

    "I am pleased to be working with Concept 4 Soccer International in developing the most
    comprehensive technical development programme available worldwide"
                                 Alan Pardew Newcastle United Manager

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    Meet the team / Stuat Monk

    Concept 4 Soccer International is a global Technical Coaching Programme, which has been specially designed for youth players to enhance the development of technique, and ultimately making technique into a game effective skill. Stuart Monk is their Director which we had the opportunity to monitor in Slovenia and already has had a major influence in the implementation on subsequent training  of our own teams.
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    Meet the team / Steven Potts

    England is the home of football. In England, the player in the fifth league is still professional. English football is always at the forefront of European and world football. Well, of course it is, moreover, thanks also to the coach. Their experience in coaching with young players is exceptional so we can benefit a lot from it. Steve Potts brings us enormous experience in working with young footballers especialy goalkeepers. Steve was a coach and scout in the top of English Premier League Academy for whole 8 years before in the season 2013/14 signed a contract with another giant in the Premier League to become Academy Development Goalkeeper Coach & Scout .

    Sign in to get to know the real PRO at work!

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    Meet the team / Miki Kondič

    Being a coach is easy, but to be a good and renowned coach is very responsible and a very demanding job. When you once decide to transfer your knowledge to the others and to assist them towards achieving their set goals, then traineeship becomes something indescribable beauty and a real pleasure where a man does exactly what he pleases.

    "Work hard today for results tomorrow" - Trevor Theismann

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