Benefits & Dates

Benefits & Dates

With the sound of heartbeats in the nest of stone it is proud of its fishing tradition and the atmosphere where already with the first handshake each guest becomes a neighbor and friend, part of a large family!
Fazana, the town situated in the vicinity of classical Pula, the port of departure for the Brijuni Islands – the national park with the attributes of "Heaven on Earth" – with its beaches, pine woods, waterfront promenades, restaurants along the sea is the perfect place for rest and recreation.
The enchantment that the poet and film director Pier Paolo Pasolini once felt is part of the spontaneity of life, famed hospitality and hearty welcome!


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Benefits of attending the BiVillage Residental Soccer Trial Camp:

  • Players coached by English Premier league Academy Coach (UEFA „A" and PRO) and Scouts
  • Premier League Academy development centre GK Coach & Academy Scout coaching the goalkeepers
  • 6 day / 3 hours a day to develop and showcase your soccer skills with some of the most highly regarded professional coaches and scouts from UK
  • The best will be invited to the FREE finals Elite Soccer Trial where will be more Scouts
  • Accommodation (full board)
  • „Concept 4 Soccer International" training PUMA kit
  • Invited the whole family
  • Arrival the day before, departure day later
  • 15 km away from Pula airport
  • Limited places available


We recommend that you pre-book early as there are limited spaces available!

Bi Village Soccer Trial 
Dates 2014!

  • 28th April to 3rd May / Boys only!
  • 5th May to 10th May / Girls only!
  • 9th June to 14th June / Boys only!
  • 16th June to 21st June / Girls only!
  • 1st to 6th September / Boys only!
  • 8th to 20th September / Girls only!
  • 13th to 17th October / Invite only FREE!


6 day soccer trial cost:                - 395 euros!
Accommodation & half board:   - from 43 euros per day! !

Please contact Miki Kondic for further! information & Payment options




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