Meet the team / Miki Kondič

Meet the team / Miki Kondič

Miki was born in August 1970. As a youngster he was always involved in sports. Not only in one but in multiple sports because he always wanted to explore their borders abilities and knowledge in various fields.

Due to an injury he had he ended his football carrer and from that moment he withdrew from sport for some time. In the business world he was repeatedly rewarded for his results in different areas. After some years he realized how much he misses the competitive sports and adrenaline which is why he decided to return and become a football coach.

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As always, everything what he starts he does not stop until it is complete and also in this area in just seven years he passed right by all extremely demanding licenses and reaching the highest coach title: licence  "PRO". Coached the different selection from the youngest through to the oldest and throughout he everywhere left his mark of success.

Specialist: Technical Skills Youth Player Coach , Individual Coaching program, Athletic Performance

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love that what you are doing, you will be successful."   - Albert Schweitzer

Well, because he was always interested in more he is also well educated in the field of physical preparation of the individual and also began using an extremely effective program "Atheletic Performance". This is a unique program in which an athlete in a very short time and in a remarkable way raises the level of their preparedness for a very high percentage.

We recommend that you pre-book early as there are limited spaces available!

More than three years ago he initiates a special portal with free content which is designed for coaches, players, parents and other sports enthusiasts (you are just his visitor). The portal has become very, very popular and it still has an average daily visit of more than 100 visitors from Slovenia and abroad.

"Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get."   -Dale Carnegie

Miki Kondič – UEFA „A“ and “PRO“

  • Director for Concept 4 Soccer International south EU
  • 15 years experience of managing youth teams first  and second national league
  • Founders and owner of the license "Athletic Performance"

In the attachment you can find some of the opinions of others about him.





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