Starši kot pomembna figura v razvoju talentirane-ga nogometašice-ša

Starši kot pomembna figura v razvoju talentirane-ga nogometašice-ša

Ljubljana, 08.12.2019

I visit games, I watch it and I see, I'm realistic ... Is it familiar to you??

Parents sometimes have a feeling that we are often disregarded, but nevertheless we play one of the most important roles in the development of our youth football players. We can not always blame ourselves while no one has properly educated us how, what and when to educate a talented young football player.

Ray Hall, with his 23 years as Director at Everton's FC elite football academy, has developed a parent training system based on the above.


Ljubljana: 08.12.2019 od 8:00- 12:00 (time can be extended)
Seminar price:      79€ +ddv
Early price:           49€ +ddv (up to 12.11.2019)
Next from family:  49€ +ddv
VIP ticket:           140€ +ddv (explained on the application form)


The seminar we are organizing lasts almost 4 hours and Ray Hall will present you all the topics listed below:

What do parents want from the presentation?

10 Frequently asked questions and solutions
Example What are the chances of my child gettting a professional contract ?
What does the club want and what are the parents prepared to do?
Case studies....Wayne Rooney positive; XXXX negative
A Charter for Parents

Characteristics which impact on the selection process?

Talent that shouts v Talent that whispers
Late Developers and Early Developers
Relative Age Effect'
Position specific

The selection process....The Trial or try-out

Key Protocol and Observations Skills required in viewing players in games. The 4 corners of development
Methods to identify and measure player's potential
Player rating systems
Subjective v Objective methods of player evaluation
Background details
Team v Individual assessment
Before, during and after the trial place (Case study and examples)
Monitoring players who are selected
Releasing players effectively and sympathetically


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