The importance of talent identification in the development of elite young players and what we can achieve through hard work and understanding

The importance of talent identification in the development of elite young players and what we can achieve through hard work and understanding

If you were asked - What is more important; investment in talent search or investment in training process? What % would you give on each one?

Ray Hall (director of Everton Academy for 23 years), a man who has consistently followed 1250 Premier League games in a row, is a title we can safely ask to and find out how much and why of the above should be given a bigger % share.

The daily seminar is intended for all persons worked in the football:

  • To the directors of football schools
  • Heads of football schools
  • Coaches
  • Scouts
  • ...

... as well as all those who are involved into the football players selection proces.


Ljubljana: 07.12.2019 od 8:00 - 17:00 (time can be extended)
Seminar price:                 79€ +tax
Early registration:            49€ +tax (up to 12.11.2019)
Each next from the club: 49€ +tax
VIP ticket:                      140€ +tax (contains explained on the application form)


Seminar content

The content* of the presentation is scheduled in three parts, depending on the time Ray will cover some or all of the following details in different levels:

  • Presentation mode

Video material
Individual and group interaction exercises
Ask for volunteers and finish with question and answers.

  • Why is Talent Identification is so important?

Talent Identification and Talent Selection (Acquisition) in the overall development process
The opportunities and limits of Talent identification
Develop realistic Talent Identification objectives

  • What to look for in talent identification

Key common characteristics which impact upon the identification of talented players
What potential talent looks like at various ages?
Developing your Talent ID Matrix and Player Rating Check List

  • How to identify potential talent?

Key Protocol and Observations Skills required in viewing players in games
Working with Grassroots Football to develop and identify players
Maximising the value of 'trials' or 'try- outs'
Applying Subjective v Objective methods of player evaluation
Using and analysing data
Understanding and Managing the 'Relative Age Effect'
Detecting 'Late Developers' and 'Early Developers'
Working with parents and agents
Tracking players progress
Releasing players effectively and sympathetically
Pinpointing and exploiting 'Hotspots' of potential talent


* the seminar will be also a lot practical with the participants cooperation, so we maybe not be able to cover all the topics




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