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Coach Academy Education England

Coach Academy Education England

Take a challenge, meet the best, upgrade your knowledge, make a new friendship,... If you see yourself in this than the November Coach Academy in England is for you. We will do everything for an unforgettable and extremely effective event.

  • 6 Day´s Coach Clinic in England, November 19th - 24th 2014 
  • Because of its commitments to the organizer booking are only accepted up to 20.09.2014
  • up to twelve monthly payment (only Slovene)***

Cena: 795,00 €

Stanje zaloge: na voljo



 Up to twelve mont / only Slovene (click on and check). Application form is attached below

What is more important than knowlage? In what we have to invest for our future? Who is responsible for my success? How can I become better?

This are the question´s we have to ask our self. Correct answer will take you to our amazing Coach Academy in London. First time the team in association with our business partner´s from England Premier League organize this event "explosion of knowledge".


Learn from the best, become realy professional. Booking available until 20.09.2014!!!

Click on for "Application Form"

We will be the guests at the INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL ACADEMY-   Lancashire (Wigan). Why we choose them:

  • one of the best academy in the UK
  • run by BILLY STEWART (former Liverpool FC Academy coach / worked under Rafael Benitez)
  • excellent accommodation
  • modern Training Facilitiest (Brand new pitches / astro and grass)
  • proximity to many professional academies (Liverpool, Manchester, Blackburn, Burnley, Bolton, Wigan,..)


Advantages of the International Coaching Academy England 2014:

  • You will learn from the greatest Academy coaches (Liverpool, Everton and Bolton)
  • You´ll get enough material to prepare a whole year-round season of coaching.
  • You'll be able to see the most modern coaching approaches in this job.
  • You will gain new ideas and methods which will extra motivate you for the upcoming season.
  • The Academy offers ideas and approaches for all levels and age groups.
  • Academy physical preparation coach
  • Academy Goalkeeper Coach
  • up to twelve monthly payment (only Slovene)

Your investment in yourself include:

  • 6 day / 5 full board
  • International Football Academy
  • Academy education from academy coach (Liverpool, Everton and Bolton)
  • How the Academy runs (what is the training plan for specific age during the week) 
  • Practical session from Concept 4 Soccer International ( 4 - 5 hours)
  • 2 - 3 hours Meeting with Academy Manager for a free questions (issues)
  • Certificate of attendance Academy 
  • Tickets to attend a Premier league game
  • Attend an Academy Match
  • Stadium tour (FC Liverpool)
  • Transport Throughout trip 
  • Fly from Ljubljana

Payment Structure 6 Day / 5 Night 795.00 eur per person

  • Deposit Payment Due September    20th 2014    350 eur
  • Progress Payment Due Oktober      20th 2014    250 eur
  • Progress Payment Due November  20th 2014    195 eur

Take decision immediately and pay an advance as the number of trainers are limited. If you have any further questions don't hesitate and send us mail on: (just clic on)

In the attachment you can view the entire program

* The price does not include personal insurance as well as no flight cancellation

** Selected match is the most suitable option. Organizer take the rights to choose another game

*** If you pay montly with Diners you have to pay costs up to 55,65 eur





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